cfgmgmtcamp 2020 - Slides

At cfgmgmtcamp 2020, I gave a talk entitled “Terraform Without The Mess”, in which we looked at how the history of features in Terraform affect the way we structure and write our Terraform configuration today, and make opinionated recommendations about how to structure modern Terraform code in a way which makes changes simple, predictable and safe.

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Managing IAM Policies in HCL With Terraform

IAM Policy Documents are ubiquitous in AWS - they are used not only for standalone policies you might attach to users or roles, but also for S3 bucket policies, SNS topic policies and more. Unfortunately, the JSON syntax can be error prone to hand write, and the default mechanism for creating policies in many configuration management tools is template rendering.

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Configuring AWS AutoScaling Event Notifications in Slack

One of the easiest ways of building resilience into a system running in AWS is to use an autoscaling group. Generally speaking, I use one for any service which is required to self-heal - even when aiming to maintain a steady number of instances, as is desirable when running servers for Consul and Nomad, as well as a whole host of other clustered systems. Unhealthy instances can simply be replaced, usually without operator intervention, and launch configurations can be used to simplify upgrading clustered software one instance at a time.

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