cfgmgmtcamp 2020 - Slides

At cfgmgmtcamp 2020, I gave a talk entitled “Terraform Without The Mess”, in which we looked at how the history of features in Terraform affect the way we structure and write our Terraform configuration today, and make opinionated recommendations about how to structure modern Terraform code in a way which makes changes simple, predictable and safe.

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HashiConf EU 2019 - CloudInit: The Good Parts

At the 2019 edition of HashiConf EU in Amsterdam, I gave a talk entitled “CloudInit: The Good Parts” - a surprisingly long talk given the subject matter! I’ve had a number of requests for the slide deck, which I’m posting here along with the video from the event.

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HashiDays Amsterdam 2018 - systemd: The Good Parts

At HashiDays Amsterdam 2018, I gave a talk entitled “systemd: The Good Parts”, in which I tried to focus on how to use systemd, aimed at practitioners who are committed to a Linux distribution which uses the controversial init system. The talk was recorded, so I’m posting both the video and the slide deck here. Video Slides As ever, thanks to the HashiCorp team for putting together a fantastic event at a great venue in Amsterdam, and for posting a transcription of the talk! [Read More]