Reading .NET BinaryWriter serialized strings from Go

I recently had the need (for a side project) to be able to read a file written from a .NET application using the BinaryWriter class from an application written using Go. The MSDN documentation was somewhat vague on the format in which strings were written, but it turns out to be a LEB128 encoded length prefix and then the UTF8 bytes which make up the string.

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Event Sourcing in Go

As one of the contributors to Event Store, it should probably not be surprising that sooner or later I’m going to get around to figuring out nice patterns for implementing Event Sourcing in whatever languages I’m working in!

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Moving to Go - What I Wish I'd Known

Quite a few people I know are expressing interest in learning Go, so I decided to put down a couple of notes about my experience after having had the same conversation a few times over. None of the points are particularly original and are mostly here so I can point people at one place when they ask me about it! Your mileage may vary on any of this stuff and it’s in no particular order!

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